“Odyssey” Live Music and Art featuring The Fire Eaters: Thursday, November 3rd

This week’s “Odyssey” will feature art displays by:

Jimmy Ovadia

Quentin Anderson 2

Live instrumental funk, soul and jazz grooves by The Fire Eaters.

In an music spotlight written by Bart Mendoza: “The Fire Eaters specialize in tunes that are all immensely danceable and are an excellent showcase for their virtuoso performances.

The six-piece group is comprised of a cast of local all-stars whose collective resume includes time in such notables as Genius of Soul, Society! and Silverleaf. Meanwhile, three Fire Eaters are also members of the musically like-minded Styletones.

As an instrumental combo, a lot of focus falls on keyboardist Tim Felten and guitarist Deron Gant, with saxophonist Gabriel Sundy adding superb accents and solos. However, as great as all the musicians are, the band’s songs depend on a hard-hitting groove, and here they have one of the keys to their sound; the rhythm section of Jesse Bowen and drummer Jake Najor, rock-solid stand outs.

Fans of jazz and soul will instantly consider the Fire Eaters one of their favorites on the local club scene, but anyone who enjoys music with a funky beat and sterling musicianship will want to see this band.” (Read more: San Diego Community News Group – Music spotlight The Fire Eaters.)

Odyssey” occurs on the first and third Thursdays of the month and highlights the work of local artists; encourages support of musicians and live music while celebrating the creativity in all of us.


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