Feedback Regarding Event Management:

Brigitte Taylor has the experience and know how to help expedite the orchestration of your special event. As event producers ourselves, we appreciate her dedication and knowledge in the special event field and would recommend her for any size job.

Ryan Cueva
Director of Operations
Omega Events, Inc.

= = = =

The Chollas Lake Envirofest of 2009 was a dynamic event that combined a beautiful setting, with the mingling of environmentally conscious minds. Event manager, BrigitteTaylor is a delight to work with. Her professionalism and dedication to the environment are obvious and guarantee a well- managed experience. She and her staff were very helpful and made certain everything was just right. This community needs to support events like this that offer opportunities to learn, grow and share coupled with a family and community friendly venue.

Beth Preece Foster
San Diego County Office of Education

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I have had the pleasure of both having Brigitte plan an event for our organization, 4 Walls International, and participating in Envirofest, an all day festival focusing on health and the environment. At the awareness raiser she planned for 4 Walls International, our guests enjoyed a seemless night of good food and great drinks. From start to finish, Brigitte handled everything, creating a fundraiser which earned money and provided our guests with a good time. At the annual festival she puts on, Envirofest, it was clear that she has a gift for gathering like-minded people in an environment that promotes the most sharing, collaboration, and cooperation. Brigitte’s events are where the networking, resources, and vibe all come together. You would be lucky to have her planning your event.

Steven Wright
Founder and President
4 Walls International


Feedback From Energetic Empowerment/Healing Work:

I started therapy over 2 1/2 months ago and felt like there was a spiritual piece to the equation missing, I discovered what I was missing was an energy practitioner.  I had met Brigitte at the Diva Center 3 months ago and had kept her card meaning to one day give her a call.  I then ran into her again at a coffee house and knew it was fate, I had to meet with her and discover the missing link to my therapy.  I was personally going through one of the toughest times in my life and needed the support of a therapist to help me along the way as a guide to maturity.  When I met with Brigitte a month later she was exactly what I needed to complete the support system.   I now have another important guide to assist me in this new “self discovery” time in my life.  She has educated me about the importance of meditation and energy work that my mind had been lacking.  She recommended a powerful book called, “The Four Agreements” which I wish I would of read years ago.  It has helped me to see relationships in a whole new light.  Having a therapist and an energy practitioner has made a huge difference in my life and has provided me to deal with my stresses in a more productive manner.  I now take time to read, meditate, participate in yoga or outdoor activities, and eat with awareness. My therapist has agreed that the work I do with Brigitte has been helpful for my overall progress and has been shown to be successful in studies.  I have personally recommended Brigitte to my therapist and would recommend her to anyone I meet that has an interest in educating themselves about becoming a more complete SELF.

Thank you Brigitte for the continued education and support shared with me, it is forever appreciated.

Ondria Aviles

“Wow, I really have to thank you! Over the past week I have noticed an incredible difference in my experience of myself and my life.  There is a heightened sense of clarity and order that attends me now, and I can feel it in all areas of my being.

I have begun to have feelings of love and tenderness for myself that are truly amazing.  It’s like I’m excited to be in love–with myself!  I enjoy my own companionship in a way that is new and very fulfilling.  For the first time, I realize that the healthy relationship I have always desired has been available all along.  I’ve been waiting my whole life to lavish love and kindness on myself, but I did not realize it.

Whether I’m at work or enjoying my personal life, there is a wonderful flow going on.  It’s hard to articulate, but people I meet no longer seem like strangers.  When someone smiles I really feel a connection, like they are another member of the human family.  As for those who come from negativity, it’s much easier now to allow them to pass by.  For the first time, I realize that I do not need to retain negative people in my life.  I can simply allow them to leave, and they do!  There seems to be a natural balance that maintains itself.  I can simply allow it to function….”

Allison Palmer


“After working with Brigitte, I have learned so much about myself and became attuned with my mind, body and soul in so much depth which I honestly did not realize existed.

I personally felt and saw the difference as the weeks progressed. From the beginning, I was already overwhelmed and distressed with all of the different situations in my life at the time and week-by-week, day-by-day, working closing with Brigitte caused me to accept each situation as it is and move forward. I learned not to dwell on the past or on the negative energies. I strengthened my ability to allow positive energies and welcome new opportunities.

When I think about how much Brigitte has helped me manifest my dreams into reality, accept the things I cannot control and be in “the know” that everything is in its place, or what is popularly known as, divine order, I am truly and genuinely overjoyed and inspired. Each day I seek Brigitte’s guidance and positive vibrations. Even after my sessions were completed I continue to take these lessons with me each day. Of course each day is not perfect and sometimes a struggle, but never as difficult as the day preceding. I graduate everyday.

Brigitte adds a personal touch which made me feel so genuinely cared for and she pushed me to focus on myself and my dreams, my desires and my worries. As I am sure many can relate, all too often I tend to live my life around my loved ones. Caring for them, worrying for them, helping them, and so when someone asks me what I want for myself, I’m stumped. But Brigitte has helped me gain balance in my life, to continue helping others as I am used to yet not sacrificing my own happiness.

Bless you Brigitte, you are a blessing in my life.”

J.E., San Diego


“My life has been transformed through the grace and healing hands of Brigitte. My spiritual and creative path became beautifully clear due to her loving energy. Prior to my sessions with Brigitte, my life was one of turmoil, confusion, and doubt. I am so very thankful that she opened up her heart to help me.  I have always been an artist, a singer, a dancer, but decisions I made brought clutter to my mind, making it impossible for me to progress as an individual, let alone as an artist.  I seemed to literally watch myself float further and further away from who I was and who I knew myself to be. I didn’t sing anymore, I didn’t dance anymore, I didn’t believe in myself anymore. My turning point came after Brigitte offered to help me to heal creatively and spiritually. From the very first session, I felt an electricity unlike anything I had ever experienced. I trusted Brigitte from the very beginning and I know that this trust helped me to progress so very quickly. After our first session, I began to write countless songs again. I began to sing everyday, practice yoga consistently, and my overall disposition was one of clarity, belief, and strength. This was coupled with a steadfast vision of what I needed to do. My personal path became one of love, peace, and progression instead of something I feared and didn’t understand. From there, my Universe completely began to pulsate and shine. I began to meet like-minded individuals leading to a world of artistic opportunities. I left my office job at a law firm in order to pursue my crafts and I haven’t looked back. Everyday, I am blessed with one opportunity after another. I have watched my existance become one full of color and brilliance. I no longer stand in my own way. I actually know what it means now to live “in the flow” of the Universe. I began to see light where I saw only darkness. An entire world opened up to me, one that had always been there, but could not see. Brigitte helped me to switch my perception of everything in my life.So much of the work involved to change your life is in your own hands, your own mind, your own heart, but to get to a place where you can achieve this state of mind effectively, it truly helps to have someone see your turmoil and shine a light through it. I am forever grateful to Brigitte for sharing her beautiful gifts with the world. She is a channel of pure love. Her help has allowed me to live the life I live today, a life full of art, music, growth, love and clarity.”

Ida Bailey, San Diego


“Brigitte Taylor is an inspired healer and I am grateful for the work she has done with me and for the shifts she has helped me create in my life.”

Joseph Tafur, M.D., San Diego


“My first session with Brigitte produced an amazing shift for me.  I’ve been doing some in-depth work in consciousness for over a year.  There was one area that seemed almost untouchable.  I could make small changes, but nothing seemed to really stick.  At the session I talked to Brigitte about the belief that I felt that “there is always something wrong with my health.”  This is something I’d been operating through for a long time – maybe many lifetimes.  During the session, I could feel things shifting in my awareness.  It’s almost like I was able to feel all of the dark areas related to my beliefs about my health.  As soon as I experienced them, they left my awareness.  It felt like they just flew out the window into the breeze.  The session was extremely powerful for me.  My life really changed afterward!  I was so used to wasting so much time and attention worrying about my health and if there was something wrong with me.  I was able to move forward in other areas of my life and felt much stronger and healthier doing it.  Brigitte has an amazing gift!”

Thank you!


“Brigitte has very calming and uplifting energy. I was fortunate enough to receive energy work from her during a critical emotional and physical time for me. As she did her work I could feel parts of my body literally buzzing. I’ve never felt anything like that before. When Brigitte left, I felt peaceful. I enthusiastically recommend Brigitte.”

Helen Zeldes


“I have known Brigitte Taylor about 2 years. I did my first session with her 12/31/07 and I woke up the next day a new person. Through her guidance I have received better awareness, maintained balance and increased my confidence to create the life I desire. This year I started a company, wrote a book and I can say with great certainty that I couldn’t have done it without having her as a mentor and friend. Among her many gifts and contributions Brigitte has the gift of guiding you through YOUR process toward inner peace.”

Stephen Jones


Feedback regarding the mini-treatments (15 minute sessions done in seated position)

My experience with energy healing has been extremely relaxing.  I am able to focus and release negativity.  I have been able to apply meditation into day-to-day situations and circumstances to gain creativity.  –TPH

I feel refreshed and enlightened.  I felt the energy was very, very positive and I’m happy of the outcome. –TS

During my first treatment, I felt a sense of relaxation; a feeling of wellbeing overall.  Perhaps I will need consistency in the treatments. Thanks for being you.  -MLL

Brigitte Taylor’s energy healing session was highly effective.  I felt like I was floating when she was done.  My whole week was so much better due to her treatment.  I felt lifted after this session. -MM

I had the best experience.  I had physical, spiritual and emotional healing and peace in my body and soul.  Never had I found it.  Thank you. -OB

This session felt like a great release of stress and laziness in my mind.  I felt weightless and energizing (for the mind). -NA

After the very first session I noticed that my depression episodes were less.  -ES

The session was very different from anything I’ve ever experienced.  I felt her energy over my whole being.  It left me with goose bumps and a sense of calmness.  Thank you. God Bless. -MRN

The session left me feeling calmer and more relaxed.  Brigitte has a pleasant and positive personality.    -FE